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Shamm-e-Husaini Institute Of Nursing College & Hospital
Shamm-e-Husaini Institute, Ghazipur is a charitable healthcare institution, established and run by the minority Muslim Community, and administered by the Governing Body on behalf of the UP Samaj Muslim Education Development Welfare Sewa Samiti a minority society declared centre minority commission Govt. of India.
Dating back to 2011, this Hospital's existence has been a saga of struggle and sacrifice in meeting the health needs of its surrounding community It had a humble beginning in 2011 as a 120-bed hospital. This modern well-equipped building has a present strength of 120 beds. In 2013.

Nursing is a rewarding career that offers a bright and satisfying future for young persons who have a desire to serve people with a caring attitude. As members of a modern health care team, nurses render a significant service in the care of the sick and in the prevention of illness and injury.
Increasing numbers of trained nurses are needed to fill responsible positions as experts in bedside nursing services, and as researchers seeking new and better ways of meeting the nursing needs of patients. Salary and conditions of service of nurses are attractive compared to those in other fields of employment with similar educational requirements.
The science of nursing has made great strides since the time the Lady with the Lamp ministered to the wounded and sick soldiers in the Crimean battlefield. Today, nursing has become a highly respected and skilled profession, demanding specialized technical knowledge of a high order and dexterity on the part of the practitioner. Alertness, quickness of action, ability to meet complicated situations in a calm and confident manner as well as the power to grasp the rapid advances that are taking place in the profession are other essential attributes of the nurse. The modern nurse is well-informed about sophisticated equipments used in diagnosis and therapy, latest surgical procedures, intensive care of the severely ill, organ transplant and a host of other complicated and difficult tasks which she may be handling in her daily routine. This calls for a high degree of intelligence and diligent study on the part of the nurse.
Nursing offers a challenge and opportunity to serve a fellow being. If you have the zeal and desire for nursing, you are invited to choose this noble profession.

Prospectus GNM Nursing 2016.